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Voie by Route

The Route brand has always focused on the origin and path from which our favorite items come, partnering with women around the world to curate thoughtful, sustainable collections of apparel and accents. Voie (pronounced, vwa), Route’s new exclusive line of everyday jewelry, is an extension of this mission. 

French for “way” or “path,” Voie encompasses the feminine, effortless, adventurous lifestyle that we all strive for. Designed for you, by us, and crafted by St. Louis refugee women from local non-profit, Forai, the Voie collection is the culmination of women all on their own beautifully unique paths. While we cherish Voie’s local roots, this collection was specifically created to help women find wander and adventure in their everyday. 

Whatever your everyday means to you - mothering, working, traveling, or simply just “being,” you are worthy of feeling confident, authentic, stylish and on your way

Proceeds from these sales support the employment of refugee families.