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Route Spotlight: Christina

Route Spotlight: Christina

We sat down a couple of weeks ago for a Q&A with Route founder and board director, Christina Weaver! 

Route: Can you tell us a little bit about your involvement and history with Route/Mustard Seed?

Christina:  I founded Route as Mustard Seed Fair Trade over six years ago with a group of friends of mine.  Since then I have served on the board in a variety of roles and am currently our board chair.  

Route: What do you love most about your job with Route?

Christina: I love knowing that I am making lasting change in the lives of thousands of women and men who previously had very little hope for sufficient employment.
Route: What is your favorite item in the store right now?
Christina: I cannot get enough of our alpaca scarves.  I've worn them for years.  Every year I find an excuse to buy one or two more.  Wearing them is like getting a big cozy warm hug, they make me so happy.
Route: What do you love most about the holiday season/Christmas?
Christina: What I most love about Christmas is the traditions we share with our kids, every day of the month we do something a little different to prepare and my boys look forward to it everyday.  Being a close part of Route the last two holiday seasons has been so special for me also because I love helping people purchase gifts that they are excited about giving and that bring light to the lives of our makers.
Thanks, Christina!! 
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