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Meet Frannie

Meet Frannie

We are having so much fun buying and trying clothing.  We play dress up ALL the TIME at Route, and Frannie is our partner in crime.  In an attempt to find the cutest, best priced, most fashion forward pieces, poor Frannie gets dressed and undressed ALOT, and she is very picky about her fashion choices.


We've gathered and sold some really exciting, well-cut designs over the last 8 months.  Our customers (you) have been so faithful to give us feedback and we are thrilled to help add beautiful, well fitting (because it's so important to feel good in what you wear), reasonably-priced, ethically made clothing.


In the process, we have several one off pieces, or sometimes our partner groups have a cut that we just cannot live without and we don't think you can either.  So we've partnered with Frannie to offer you, via instagram @knowtheroute, a few limited edition pieces.  We have different sizes of each piece (not just Frannie sized, so be looking in the comments for the sizes that we have! ) Each piece will be up until it sells, and when it does, we will note that it has sold.  If you see a piece you like, just comment and we'll message you the link to buy it! 

Catch them while you can, then let us know what you think!!  


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