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Interview with Kayla Bauer, Co-Founder of Hello Juice STL

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Interview with Kayla Bauer, Co-Founder of Hello Juice STL
A few weeks ago, we got the chance to catch up with Kayla Bauer, co-owner of Hello Juice & Smoothie, one of our favorite new(ish) places in St. Louis's Grove neighborhood. We chatted with her about sustainability, ethical fashion, and of course, great food! If you haven't been into see them yet, I (and my boys) highly recommend!




Route: What does sustainability mean to you?


Kayla: Sustainability is simply meeting your needs and living intentionally without harming the potential for the next generation by mindlessly fulfilling your wants


Route: Do you make it a habit to practice mindfulness & intention? If so, how?


Kayla:  Over the years I would pride myself on how much I could get for a small amount of money. Shopping sales rack after sales rack finding cheap things just to be able to have more. I didn't even wear most of it. Now I strive for quality over quantity. It's not just in my wardrobe either. In my beauty products, cleaning products, and even my food. I try to be very intentional in everything that I bring into my home. Will I wear a piece of clothing more than once a month, do I really love it, and does it make me feel confidant? How and where was this moisturizer made and are the ingredients clean? If I'm not making a cleaning product I make sure that it is something that I trust and has clean ingredients. And for my food, I strive to eat as local and organic as possible. We try to eat as many meals at home as we can to avoid waste and/or spending money on food we normally wouldn't eat. 


Route: What are some ways you incorporate or live sustainable/ethical fashion? Favorite brands?


Kayla: My absolute favorite thing to do is thrift! I love to shop secondhand and honestly most of my wardrobe is secondhand. I also love to buy from local shops, or Etsy to find cute handmade items. Shopping ethical brands is sometimes pricey, and though it is great to save up for a few good pieces, it's not always realistic for everyone. Some of my favorite more affordable brands would be World Market and H&M Conscious, Everlane and many different vendors on Etsy...


Route: Name 3 sources of inspiration that have been life giving for you lately.


Kayla: As a mom I have been inspired by @just.ingredients on Instagram, teaching you how to change out the toxic food and products in your life and make better choices.
As a business owner I have been inspired by the food scene on the west coast to bring more plant based options available to the city, and become an advocate for these incredible superfoods.
As myself I am constantly inspired by the mentioned above brands and local makers here in STL that are making a difference in the way that we think about fashion; making me more aware of the importance of mindful living.


Route: What are you so passionate about that you will experience discomfort to see it through?


Kayla: Good, quality, organic food as it should be. It shouldn't be fancy and overpriced because it's organic. It shouldn't even have to be called organic, it should just be called food! Support your local farmers that are making a difference in the health and lives of those they work so hard to feed and sustain.



Thanks so much, Kayla!

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