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Lovely Layers--Ethical Style

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Lovely Layers--Ethical Style

            I can’t explain why, but I see it and I love it. The tough brown leather wrap bracelet delicately intertwined with gold bangles in the check out line in front of me or the three perfectly coordinated necklaces walking their dog toward me, sipping Starbucks. Where are these women finding them! Hours in Nordstrom ripping apart beautiful packaging to examine lengths of delicate chain did not reward me! And Oh God, their price point! Inaccessible does not quite describe it. So I gave up, I don’t have time to put on three necklaces in the morning anyway.

            A few months later, when our purchasing began, the hunt was on. Surely, we could do this, layers of simple necklaces that easily coordinate with each other and anything you put on. Simple wrap bracelets with bangles that coordinate and don’t break the bank. After lots of rejections, we started finding them! The gorgeously beaded Sasa wrap bracelets are modern, fashionable and delightfully feminine, they pair so well with the gold Sseko bangles…bracelets, DONE. In the necklace department, we are just beginning. Mata’s layered necklaces make us so happy, but wait until you see what is to come (I wish I even had a sneak peak for you, but soon, very soon)… Always ethically made. Always world changing. Mission accomplished.

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