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A true Friend is someone who understands your past,

believes in your future,

and accepts you just the way you are.

            There are millions of displaced people seeking refuge in countries that are not their own, without the option of ever returning to their homes. They are running from oppression, war, famine and layers of issue that created unspeakable trauma in their lives and communities. Though only a select few are given the option of resettling in the United States, when they do come, many are confident that they have come to safety and have freedom that they longed for.

Friends of Refugees and Immigrants or FORAI was started by Jen Owens, six years ago in St. Louis, MO. She made friends with Bhutanese and Burmese refugees in Sout hSt. Louis City, and we are proud to work with an organization right in our backyard and working with our neighbors! FORAI St. Louis

Since then, FORAI, Inc. has grown into a group of volunteers who design products, train refugee women to make them, and then pay them for their continued production. Women gather once a month together, and then work from their homes throughout the month.

More than anything else, it is the care and unending love for these newfound friends that motivates the community of FORAI to design beautiful pieces and continue their work. These relationships, now several years old, have created lasting support systems for the refugee women and their families as they transition to their new country and recover from the years of trauma they had experienced in their home.

FORAI has come so far and is working towards increasing the amount they are able to employ women. We're excited to be partnering with them. Help us support FORAI’s goal of doubling their sales this year by purchasing one of their beautiful pieces of jewelry!


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