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Thousands of people die in the garment industry every year because of unsafe working conditions. There are millions in slavery related to the garment industry. There are millions of children working to make products for us, when they should be at school. Our purchases affect those numbers and each number is an individual.

 Let’s work together towards change. Route exists to alleviate poverty and improve the human rights of the makers in the production industry by selling ethically produced goods.  That process includes telling the stories of suffering and of hope to our customers.  Giving them the opportunity to not just be consumers, but allies with for our makers.  We want to provide knowledge and choice to make positive change with our purchases.  We celebrate the connection between maker and ally, and through Route, open paths that bring life.

            Each one of our products is ethically produced. The partner organizations that we purchase from meet our minimum requirements: 

safe working conditions 
a fair wage


These things alone will make great strides towards ending death and injury because of  and slavery. However, each one of our partners goes above those requirements. Each one sees need within the communities they work in and provide support such as tuition for college, health care, child care, safe drinking water, healthy food, community development in response.

            Our goal is to tell the stories of these partners and the makers that work for them. By hearing their stories we remember how resilient and capable we are as humans as well as what connection and support can accomplish. We will keep telling the stories, but we have so much information to share with you and so little space! Do you want to know more? Please ask! Want to get to know one of the makers personally? We want to help to make that happen!

            You are changing lives with your purchase. But don’t forget, your life is changed with your purchase too. Be changed. Give change. What's your Route? 

Photo Credit: Mata Traders, Jessica Penner 


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