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3 Reasons to Swap this Saturday!

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3 Reasons to Swap this Saturday!

3 reasons to Dress Swap this Saturday!

We are SO excited to have our second clothing swap in the Seta Boutique. Our last sweater swap was a success and we’re starting to see familiar swap event faces. We absolutely love building community around reusing, recycling, and swapping.

Reason 1 to Swap this Saturday:

Supporting Dressember’s mission. Dressember is a nonprofit committed to bringing awareness to and fighting human trafficking. The entire ticket price of the swap will be donated to support their work. Watch this Ted Talk by Dressember’s founder to learn more:

Reason 2 to Swap this Saturday:

It’s a way to recycle! ONLY 15% of used clothing is recycled or reused, the rest of what we give away ends up in a landfill. Yup, that's only 15% of what we donate to Goodwill. Most of the clothing that is tossed is synthetic, which take 100s of years to decompose. SO, bring something you have loved before, or maybe purchased and never wore because it wasn’t quite your style. Leave knowing you are giving something new life. 

Reason 3 to Swap this Saturday:

A new Holiday outfit! Find something special to wear at a Holiday event you have coming up. Even if you’re not someone that wears skirts or dresses during the year, pulling out a dress during December is a fun way to celebrate the Holidays and make a normal day just a little more special.


 Here’s how it will work:

  1. Bring as many skirts and dresses that you have in your closet and are ready to re-home.
  2. Pay the $10 entrance fee, donated to Dressember
  3. When you arrive you will be asked to put a label with your name on any dresses that you would want returned when you are done. If you have items that you’d like us to dispose of, we will do that in the most ethical way that we can find.
  4. The SETA boutique will be open, so feel free to shop, snack, drink, and enjoy!

See you at 2207 39th Street from 5PM-7PM on Saturday, December 7!

Grab your ticket here: $10 Ticket 

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