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3 of My Favorite Thrifted Items

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Purchasing secondhand doesn’t have to be an all or nothing exercise. For years, I’ve slowly worked my way into having more and more second-hand pieces. Starting small like going to clothing swaps or more curated consignment shops (like the Vault in St. Louis, or Poshmark, which I both love) are perfect ways to start slowly.

I’ve been involved in Fair Trade and thinking about ethical purchasing for over 10 years. But it wasn’t until Route in 2015 that I started developing more sustainable habits to transform my own wardrobe into a place where most of the items are secondhand.

Here are my top three secondhand items I’ve found in the last several years to (hopefully!) inspire or re-inspire your second-hand journey:

1. I call this my Meghan Markle inspired turtleneck (because who doesn't love her style?!). I found it at Goodwill a couple of years ago and purchased it for the color. It sat in my closet for a while, but when I saw a picture of Meghan wearing something similar recently, I was re-inspired to continue styling it. 


2. I had a square vintage scarf on my list for over a year before I found this one. I was at Black Owned Black Friday on Cherokee (highly recommend if you're in St. Louis), and there was a curated booth of vintage purses and scarves. It’s one of the only scarves I wear regularly and nearly always get compliments. Much of my clothing is solid color or more neutral, so it’s fun to add pattern and color in this way. I love how a fun scarf can just pump up a basic outfit.


3. White linen button-ups are SO timeless. Similar to the upcoming Swap with Route, when a thrift-loving friend was moving away and getting rid of the bulk of her closet, she invited a group of women to stop by and go through it. I love this piece. I can easily dress it up or down, and the cream color makes it more wearable than white for me.

I still continue to be a journey to figure out how I can incorporate second-hand shopping into my wardrobe. And when I don’t, I don’t beat myself up about it, but I do work to purchase new pieces that I know I’ll likely wear until they fall apart.

Happy thrifting and swapping :) Stop by Seta on March 8 for the next clothing swap-hopefully you can give new life to at least one item that you're excited to wear a lot! 



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