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Maker Story; FashionABLE

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Maker Story; FashionABLE

We are honored to partner with FashionABLE, an organization passionate about employing women that otherwise may not have a chance for employment and fair work. Women that have been involved in prostitution or have fallen into addition.

"In 2006 I got a divorce then I started facing the challenges alone and didn’t have any option to raise my children well. One day one of my “friends” gave me advice to start a prostitution business and I was convinced by her idea. I rented a small room in Addis and started. Some days I went to my house without getting any money and wasn’t even able to feed my children. I would then beg for food that I would bring home to my children. This was the biggest challenge in my life. // The happiest day in my life is the day that I joined the FashionABLE program. It was a big moment for me because I didn’t like my previous work. Now I am able to provide for myself and my children.” 


When you purchase from Route, you are investing in the life of a woman.

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