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Spring Color: Navy & Coral

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Spring Color: Navy & Coral

This time of year we can't resist beachy thoughts.  Waves gently spilling out onto a white sandy shore.  Drinks with umbrellas, music on a steel drum, a really great book and the warm sun.  Reality is, we're still in Missouri, it's not quite as warm as we'd like it to be and there are more grey days than we'd like.  

A few simple things take us to our happy place.  Brighter jewelry and clothing this time of year make us happy.  Regardless of the weather, or our geographical location or wether or not we have to layer a coat over our sun dress, bright colors make the season.

We have loved throwing rose in with brighter coral and deep navy blue and some hints of white.  This lovely combination gives a nautical feel that takes us right where we want to be this time of year, even if we're sitting in the office.

Try a few pieces, paired with black or a simple navy dress these pieces are so beautiful.  We've also loved pulling some of our deep plum pieces from the fall over the lighter coral and navy to carry them into Spring!  

In our constant journey towards a capsule wardrobe we have loved adding a scarf or bright jewelry to our darker winter clothing to extend their wear into the Spring.  When you have fewer pieces of clothing, accessories add so much and can make a simple dress or solid colored top feel new and completely different!  Try a few of these classic, beautiful pieces, and let us know what you think and how you style them!

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