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Valetine's Gift Sets

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Valetine's Gift Sets


It does not get better than simple, beautiful jewelry and chocolate!   This Valentine's Day we are offering two gift boxes that come beautifully wrapped in a small box and delivered to your door. 

The first box has our most popular Kendall bar necklace from The Mingle Collection, made in St. Louis by refugee women who are working to supplement their income and support their families.

The second box is a Kendall bar necklace paired with the Abigail "Y" necklace, also from The Mingle Collection.  These two pieces were literally made to be together.  They layer perfectly and have matching chain.  They are gorgeous together.  

Both boxes include three of our giant chocolate sea salt caramel truffles, made ethically in St. Louis with Fair Trade certified chocolate, sugar and vanilla.  

Indulge your Valentine this year by purchasing ethically.  Give the gift of hope and love to your gift's makers while showing sweet love to a friend or Valentine!

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