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Ethically Styled: Maera Dress

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Ethically Styled: Maera Dress

We love the idea of outfits.  For us, the ideal every day ensemble is both sophisticated and comfortable.  Jessica and I work closely together, we are busy, we run around, frequently walk instead of drive, and I always have my boys around with their mess.  What we wear has to work for our lifestyle and make us feel like we look good, or at least give the illusion that we tried when got up that morning!

Here Rachel is modeling our Maera Dress by Tonle in Plum.  This simple shift dress is made of a lovely lightweight recycled rayon.  We love these dresses that you can throw on with boots, layer jewelry, and go. And it has pockets...

We have paired it with one of our lightweight alpaca scarves.  We love this shawl sized scarf, it lays beautifully.  

A scarf makes such a statement that we frequently avoid large or heavy jewelry when wearing one.  The layered gold bracelets here are a lovely compliment to the lightweight scarf, they are not over done, but are a simple, classic addition.

Each of the pieces in our line are chosen to combine with the others.  We would love to see pictures of how you are styling Route pieces! 


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